I’m an Actress/Martial Artist I created this page to have a single place for auditions and casting calls, without having to sign up for a monthly service. I feel that you shouldn’t have to pay any sites for information on casting calls. My goal is to post the newest casting calls daily.

Latrice Butts

My IMDB Link is below http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2599773/

New on FaceBook now, my Casting Calls And Auditions FB Page:


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22 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi my name is Tia , im trying to see where i can sign up casting alerts from your site. if you have a link can you email it to me please tiastrng@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Latrice,

    Interesting idea for a blog. I hope you do well. It can be a very good service for BG and/or day players.


    Ralph Moratz

  3. Thank you so much for this blog. I told my daughter I hit the jackpot on your page. I have been looking for different castings and you have made it easy for me to find it for my daughter. With our schedule it is very hectic looking for castings and its not popping up.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks 🙂 That’s why I created this casting blog to make it easy for everyone to fine casting calls that fits everyone’s needs. I really appreciate your comment it lets me know my blogging is not in vain.

      God Bless!

  4. Hello latrica this is karolxlove from instagram and i wanted to ask you are all the castings helled in america

    • Yes Karolina, each casting call that I post comes directly from the casting associates that cast all the extras for each show or movie.
      So the Sleepy Hollow casting call comes straight from the casting company for Sleepy Hollow in Wilmington NC. Take Care…


      You must live in the state of each casting calls that I post before they would consider anyone. “Unless I state otherwise in the post”


  5. This site is perfect! I’m really trying to get my acting dream started and blog may just be wut helps me. How do I sign up for it? Thank u 🙂

    • When you go to my blog post just click follow at the bottom of my blog.. that way you’ll receive all of the casting calls that I post. Also if you see any casting call that your interested in just send your info to the email address that’s on each casting post.


  6. Hi, first of all i want to thank you for the beautiful blog you came up with, very helpful!
    I live in Los Angeles and i was wondering if this blog is only for extras? Or also for main roles? And are you able to post casting calls for high budget movies?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hello Alessio,

      I appreciate you liking my blog, well I created this blog to help inspiring actors and actresses get there foot in the door in Hollywood. I know from experience that being an extra on a TV show, or Film can really help your acting resume and get your credits started. Sometimes being an extra on set you may get lucky and get a few lines or even get picked up as a regular on the show.

      But when I do come across major roles or open calls for a speaking parts then yes I will post them. Most of the speaking roles does require you to have a talent agent then they send you out on the major speaking roles. I know of two shows that have picked extras to be part of the main characters in their show so it does happen. If your looking to be a main character in a film or tv please sign up with a talent agency in Los Angeles to help you get those great auditions. Good Luck 🙂


  7. Ok that sounds good.. Do you also know what agency would be enough legit? Or what website would be enough good to post legit auditions?
    I would like to be part of an agency but sometimes i fell i cant do it since im a fraud investigator and my schedule changes every day along with crazy shifts hours… So i always think i could not be able to pick up any call or audition since my work keeps me enough busy… Subsequnetly i think an audition website and managing my self without an agency would be better cuz i know when i may be off or available.
    What do you think?
    (Ps: a good thing would be doing an audition out of the blue like the new somalian actor from the movie: capitain phillips with tom hanks.
    The somanlian guy never did any acting or anything like that…many actors started like that… Just by applying to a casting calls off of tv or web …)
    Anyways thanks for your time.. Uour really helpful!!! 👌

    • There are some many talent agencies in Los Angeles, you just have to do your research on them to find out. If I were you I would just google Los Angeles talent agencies and just read up on them. Sorry I don’t know any good ones of hands.


  8. Hi Latrice, do you take submissions? I’d love to post a notice on your site?

  9. Geena Wander said:

    Hi, I found you on Instagram and was looking for castings!


  10. Tevin Bruce said:

    How Are You Doing Latrice? I Just Wanted To Thank You For Creating This Blog. It Helped Me Get An Extra Role On Empire. I Love Acting And Everything About It & You Helped Me With My First Step. I Wanted To Ask You About An Upcoming Biopic. If You Knew Anything About It. Can I Email You?

    • Empire is on Hiatus until September or October you must live in the Chicago area once they stat back casting I will start back posting on my blog..


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