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I was listed on an Asian website as a Singer in Japan….

Me and Tak Sakaguchi hung out in the VIP Room for the after Party Event, after the screening of his film Be A Man! Samurai School. Some of Tak Sakaguchi other films are Versus,Death Trance,Azumi,Azumi 2,and many others. We became friends!!

Tak Sakaguchi is a Japanese Actor, Director, Fight Choreographer, and Stuntman. He is best known for his role in Ryuhei Kitamura’s cult film, Versus and more…..

So I guess on this wonderful Asian site instead of listing me as an Actress they listed me as a Singer..



Tak Sakaguchi was drinking one of Japan’s beer called Sapporo..

The picture below is of my friend Tak Sakaguchi movie poster for “Be A Man! Samurai School” This is a Japanese film. This film was written, directed and starred “Tak Sakaguchi” This was the first film he has ever directed.




However I’m very flattered to even be listed as a singer in Japan.


If you read my biography everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Asian Martial Arts, not only that I’m a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do I also studied Northern Style Shaolin.. And my favorite Martial Artist are Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen and Jet Li.. I could name many more but these are my top 3.

And I’m a huge fan of “The K2”

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“I probably have almost a 100 Asian Action Movies”

Synopsis and Trailer | The K2 | 2016 | Korean Drama