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According to People magazine, Jolie has reportedly hired crisis manager Judy Smith, who inspired actress Kerry Washington’s character Olivia on ABC’s “Scandal,” to put her spinning skills to the test and help Jolie exit her marriage unscathed.

“Judy has been asked to consult with those working with Angelina on divorce negotiations,” a source told People. “Judy and her firm have a long history of handling issues that have unfortunately garnered too much attention in the public eye, and she knows how to push towards resolutions that are swift and discreet.”

Smith, who began her career as deputy press secretary under former President George H. W. Bush, has “handled” a fair share of major scandals over the years at her firm Smith & Company, including rehabilitating Monica Lewinsky’s image, smoothing over Paula Deen’s racist slurs and advising Michael Vick post–dog fighting.

She also acts as the co-executive producer on “Scandal” and lends her technical expertise when needed.

But Brangelina could be her toughest case to date, considering the high-profile nature of the split and how things for the couple continue to go from bad to worse.

After news broke earlier this month, Jolie requested sole physical custody of the couple’s six children. We later learned that Pitt was reportedly being investigated for child abuse after an incident on their private plane, but is now fully cooperating with the Department of Child and Family Services to put the issue to rest. 

Smith will be the latest addition to Team Jolie, which boasts the talented celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, while Pitt has retained the services of family law attorney Lance Spiegel. Negotiations between the two are reportedly underway, and if our guesstimates are correct, this could be over within the week.

It’s been handled.

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