The “Sam Walton” of “Walmart” drove over 2 hours just to give his employee a check for $500.00 to buy him some new clothes for work after his apartment caught on fire! That’s the kind of man he was “Very humbled” Sam really cared for each of his employees and I seen it first hand!! That’s the main reason I love to shop at Walmart because I know what it really stands for….
This is my story:
Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, continued to drive an old pick-up truck and wore overalls long after he became a multimillionaire. I’ll never forget the day Sam Walton knocked on my front door he was so humble I just happen to be home that day from school ” Lucky Me” 
Sam Walton was looking for one of his employees, he lived two doors down from me no one answered so Sam picked my door of all doors to knock on. When I opened the door I saw this older man in overalls driving an older pick up truck I thought this man was a homeless person.
 When I ask him if I could help him he said hello I’m Sam Walton & I’m looking for one of my employees I heard his apartment caught on fire & I’m here to give him a check. Still not knowing or even thinking that this is the Multimillionaire that created the Wal-Mart chain.
I told him that he was out of town and that he was my relative Sam was pleased to hear that, he gave me a check to give to my cousin and shook my hand..And it still didn’t dawn on me until he left how huge this man really was. Sam Walton talked with me for awhile he was such a humble man. 
Sam Walton cared about his employees and about Walmart. I can truly say that I meet a Multimillionaire that dressed like a farmer in overalls and he drove an older model truck as if he was poor. What a humbled man! Sam drove over two hours just to give my cousin a check because his apartment caught on fire you tell me what Millionaire would do that…
You see at the time Walmart employees wore there own clothes and most of my relative clothes where all burned in the fire Mr. Walton heard about this and gave me a check for $500.00 to give to Robert so that he could buy new cloths for work.. 
You see Sam could have mailed him the check or even had the Walmart manager give him the check, but no that wasn’t how Mr. Walton worked he wanted to met his employee and hand deliver the check to him.. “Priceless”