AUDITION DATE: Monday, January 18th
AUDITION TIME: Between 3PM-5PM for “Victim” and “Boyfriend” and between 5PM-7PM for “Popular Teens” and “Bullied Teen”
SHOOTING DATE: Thursday, January 21st
SHOOT LOCATION: TBD: A location in Indiana
RATE: SAG union base rate – $1,121 plus fringes

NOTE: Since the audition and shooting location will be in Indiana, you must be willing to work as Indiana locals if you are not from Indiana. This means, if you are traveling from outside of the location, you will not be reimbursed for traveling expenses/mileage.

***We are accepting SAG and NON-SAG Actors for these roles. You MUST be able to provide a good acting resume in your submission or you will not be considered.***

1) POPULAR TEENS: Female, Caucasian, Age Range: 12-16. Must appear to be in 8th grade or a freshman in high school. Traits can include: pretty, mature looking, into makeup, boys, etc.
2) BULLIED TEEN: Female, Caucasian, Age Range: 12-16. Must appear to be in 8th grade or a freshman in high school. Traits can include nerdy clothing, cute in appearance, innocent look, heavy set, braces, curly hair, glasses, etc.
SCENERIO: A group of girls sit at a restaurant. One girl doesn’t fit in and the other girls bully her, humiliating her and taunting her. Will customers who overhear the insults step in?

3) VICTIM: Female, Caucasian, Age Range: 20s-30s. Traits include dressed plainly to portray low or middle class, naturally pretty, but unpolished in appearance, no makeup, looks shy and approachable
4) BOYFRIEND: Male, Caucasian, Age Range: 20s-30s. Traint include: Average build, “hardened” look.
SCENERIO: Actress sits at a restaurant with her boyfriend. He says threatening things to her and she looks clearly intimidated and afraid of him. He is clearly emotionally if not physically abusive. He calls her names. Will customers who overhear the situation step in?

5) RESTAURANT MANAGER: Male, mid-late 30s-40s, average looking. If you are submitting for this role, you will not need to do an in person audition. If we like your look, we will contact you for a video submission.

If you are interested and available please send an email to 4starcasting@gmail.com
1) Put the role you are submitting for as t he subject line i.e. “POPULAR TEENS,” “BULLIED TEENS” etc.
2) In the body of the email put your name, phone number, email, height, weight, and SAG/AFTRA number if you have one. If you are not SAG, please list that you are non union.
3) If you are SAG – State that you are in good standing with SAG/AFTRA and up to date on your dues.
4) Attach recent headshots and candid close-up and full body pictures and you MUST attach an acting resume.
5) Confirm that you live in Indiana or that you are willing to travel to the audition/filming location in Indiana without travel reimbursement.
6) Confirm that you are comfortable with the content and material of the project.

We will contact you if you are being considered.

Steve Harvey