RATE: $80/8

SENIOR CITIZENS: Male/Female, African American, 65 – 85 yoa for a downscale, low rent nursing home, your pictures should reflect that feel.

Please send an email to and include:

1) Please list SENIOR CITIZENS in the subject line.

2) Your name, age, phone, email, height and weight and zip code

3) Attach a headshot and/or candid photo or headshot in JPEG format. Make sure the photo is taken in decent lighting (no selfies), no sunglasses. Show us your style but make sure we can see your face!
*NOTE: Rename the title of your photo with your Full Name. You should do this with all of your submission photos.

4) Confirm the date you are submitting to work

5) If you need assistance, and will have a person bringing you to the location, and staying while you are filming, please give us the name of that person.

You must be registered with us at to be considered.

We will contact you if you are being considered.


****Here’s an update from the casting company of Empire***

We are currently on a filming hiatus from EMPIRE but we are still prepping for Episode 214. This will start filming in January. We will be posting for things now, but official bookings will not be going out until the end of the month.

Thanks and we looking forward to a great holiday season and an even better new year!