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Thanks for stopping by my casting blog, I’m an actress and sometimes I do help with casting, I love helping others find acting jobs. I created this blog to make it easy for you to send your information to some of the top casting companies here in the USA. I take the time out of my busy schedule to post casting calls in between my own casting gigs.

Most of the Casting Calls that I post for Extras and Stand Ins you must live in the state of the casting call that I post “Unless the post says otherwise” this is how you get you foot into the door. Sometimes it really pays off being an extra a director or producer may like you and offer you a feature role or a recurring role on a the show ” You Never Know” I’ve seen it happen more than once.

I post casting calls for hit TV shows, movies, commercials and so one sometimes my schedule gets a little busy so I have to blog in between my schedule so hang in there I’ll get them them posted ASAP!

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