Casting for extras to portray Reporters, Photographers, Airline Passengers, Airline Representatives and CamerMen ” with real experience”  

“Sully Movie” starring “Tom Hanks” casting calls for extras on Oct 12th – Oct 30th will be filming Mon – Fri in Atlanta!

Please send submissions to
PLEASE NOTE that these are the types we need to present next week, just to start. Please…TAKE SOME TIME to submit a good submission, with clear, good photos, and READ the entire casting notice page, so everything we need is in one, complete submission for each type. All submissions for the current types listed, need to be in by the end of this week for presentation.

Storyline: Tom Hanks In Talks To Play Heroic Pilot Sully Sullenberger In Clint Eastwood Film:

The story of American pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who heroically landed a troubled aircraft full of passengers on the Hudson River..

Clint Eastwood has found Sully. Eastwood and Warner Bros are negotiating with Tom Hanks to play Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who became an instant American hero in 2009 when he engineered a miraculous emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River after a flock of geese hit the plane just after it took off from La Guardia Airport. His courage under fire saved the lives of all 155 people aboard the plane, who famously crowded the wings waiting rescue.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River last January, was justly celebrated for his skill and courage. Less has been revealed about other players in the drama: those enigmatic geese, the engines they struck, a pioneering French engineer, and an unsung hero—the Airbus A320 itself.

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Here’s the picture ” Below” of the plane in the Hudson River along with a picture of the pilot “Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger”  that landed the plane.ChesleySullenbergerInter200

Please send submissions to

Available roles in Eastwood's Sully movie - casting information

TYPES NEEDED FOR THE FILM “SULLY” SUBMISSION EMAIL ADDRESS: PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: SULLYEXTRAS@TSCASTING.COM PHOTOS: 1. Please send 2 or 3 photos. ALL PHOTOS should be RECENT photos and CLEAR (in focus, not blurry) 2. Please take photos in front of a neutral background and in GOOD LIGHTING (avoid being backlit, etc..) Please AVOID SMILING in your photos. Serious, intense, neutral or intelligent expressions are best. Please make sure your current hair color and length is visible in at least one of the photos. 5. PLEASE SEND: - 1 photo from the chest or shoulders up...a “face” photo, dressed in neutral, darker colors - 1 photo from the knees up or full length, dressed in neutral, darker colors. - a 3rd or 4th photo, if possible, of you dressed “looking the part” for what you are submitting for! - you are welcome to send a few more photos to be sure, but please no more than 5 or 6 total. TYPES NEEDED: Please make sure you put the correct SUBJECT, in the subject line of your submission email, as listed under each type needed. Otherwise, your email will likely be overlooked! The pay rate is $64 with overtime paid after 8 hrs, per day NOTES: 1. FILMING FOR THE ATLANTA PORTION OF THIS MOVIE will be October 12th thru Oct 30th and will film a Mon. thru FRI. work week. The following types are the current types that need to be selected by the Director. Once selected, by mid-September, you will have plenty of time to hopefully be booked for 1 or more of the work dates. Please only submit if you are completely open, as of right now, for the time frame listed above for the filming of the movie here in Atlanta!! ....OTHER TYPES, AND/OR WORK DATES will be posted on the Facebook page, as we get closer to the work dates, as usual, etc... REPORTERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS and CAMERAMEN with EXPERIENCE men and women (ages 22 - 65) , all ethnicities Former or Current experience as a reporter or photographer or cameraman requested, for now. Please list your experience in your submission (or ACTING experience for the reporters for this one!!) - list your experience under your stats, in a few sentences or attach a RESUME >> EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “EXPERIENCED PRESS” AIRLINE REPRESENTATIVES men and women (ages 25 - 65) , all ethnicities Business types- clean cut, professional types Submit in business or casual business attire, please!! >> EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “AIRLINE REP” AIRLINE PASSENGERS men and women (ages 20 - 70), all ethnicities Submit in upscale casual attire please, with very clear photos for matching (please note that only a few passenger types work in the scenes filming in Atlanta. >> EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “RESCUED PASSENGER” Please “like” the TSC page on FACEBOOK for updates on projects and day to day postings. Please register with Tammy Smith Casting on the talent registration page so that your permanent file is in the database. Thank you!