Janet Jackson Looks Absolutely Incredible on Set of New Album Photo Shoot!

We’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at Janet Jackson’s major comeback!  

The R&B superstar is giving fans an intimate glimpse into the new photo shoot for her highly anticipated (but still untitled) album.

Sporting a white dress shirt, distressed jeans, a ton of jewelry and some very big hair, the 49-year-old looks incredibly in a sneak peek photo from the shoot she shared on Twitter. No word on if this is the official artwork, but man, does she look stunning.

“Anytime that I get to work with Janet it’s an honor, it’s like reuniting with an old friend,” photographer YuTsai said of working with the star. “We’re back on set together again we’re doing our tango together again, I love it.”

In the feature, we see Janet’s team of photographers and stylists working hard on the unique look we see in the snap.  

“We’re trying to bring together a whole conglomeration of different kinds of looks,” wardrobe stylist Kim Bowen says of Janet’s style. “It’s kind of funky, it’s a bit rock n roll, it’s kind of ethnic, maybe even a little bit punky here and there. And it’s kind of sexy and it’s quiet organic, a bit tribal. Janet always has a tribe going on.” 

Watch the full video above to see Janet’s journey to her album cover!