Casting Alert! Searching for a core group of real nurses, doctors, orderlies, and medical types (real), who can work multiple days once we start shooting Chicago Med. We start in September and we shoot monday through Friday. Each episode shoots about 8 days and we might need you a few days each episode.

We want this hospital to have the real deal, people who know what they are doing and look right doing it. THIS MEANS REAL HOSPITAL NURSES, DOCTORS, AND ORDERLIES AS EXTRAS.

If you can be flexible enough to work a few times each episode send your photograph in your hospital attire – one full length an one closeup of your face with hair and makeup how you wear at the hospital.

Include what your medical profession is, how many years you have worked, and what hospital or medical facility you work at.

We will want to meet you for a quick interview and maybe read you on camera. We are building a great group and WE WANT YOU!

Send pictures and height, weight, age, phone number, city and state to and put in the subject line “regular”. Only put “regular” if you are flexible enough to work multiple days each episode. There is flexibility but we need a commitment if you are cast.

Only send in if you are a real medical type.

We are very excited to build this core group. We want this show to be like a great, big, wonderful family. READY, SET…

… GO!


chicago-med YaYa DaCosta

Chicago Med