SHOOT DATE: Wednesday, July 29th
TIME: evening/night shoot
RATES & ROLES: See below


ROLE 1: HOT GIRL: African American, Hispanic, ages 21-30, attractive, fit, model types, sexy, urban, can have tattoos and piercings and cool hair
RATE: $500

ROLE 2: LIPS: this will just be a shot of someone’s lips mouthing some of the words to the song. Female, African American, Hispanic, Good teeth, full lips. Please send a photo of your mouth closed and your mouth smiling from above the nose down. As well as your face photo.
RATE: $250

If interested and available, please send an email to and include:

1) Put the role you are submitting for in the subject line

2) Your name, age, height and weight, phone, email and zip code

3) Attach a headshot and/or candid photo or headshot in JPEG format. We need a 3/4 or full body shot as well. Make sure the photo is taken in decent lighting (no selfies), no sunglasses. Show us your style but make sure we can see your face!

*NOTE: Rename the title of your photo with your Full Name. You should do this with all of your submission photos.

4) Confirm you are available on WEDNESDAY and are okay with a night shoot.

You must be registered our company to be considered.

We will contact you if you are booked!

You must be registered our company to be considered.

***** Info On How To Register With The Casting Company ******


To Register or Update:
(Please Note:  We recommend updating your registration with us annually, and for minors, bi-annually)We require a recent photo.  This is casting, after all, and we need to know what you look like.  In the case of the photo, it should be an attachment, in a jpeg format and under 1MB.   It does not need to be a professional photo, just a decent single shot of just you with a generic, plain background.  Please avoid bold prints in your attire, and make sure there are no items concealing your face and no selfies.  Make sure you have decent lighting, so that we can see you!We ask that you provide the following information in the body of the email.  This makes your information from the registration available for a quick searches.   The more we know, the better able we are to cast you!Send email to with subject line: RegistrationName:
Phone Number (Best number to reach you):
Email Address (Email that you check daily):
Zip Code (Listed on your Driver’s License or State ID):
Languages Spoken:
Hair and Eye Color:
Tattoo/Body Piercings (please specify):
Special Talents/Abilities:
Do you own a bike, skate board, roller skates, etc:
Occupation (i.e. waiter/cop/nurse/paramedic, etc):Measurements: (which are important when casting parts that require uniforms)
Women: Bust/Waist/Hip, dress and shoe size
Men: Coat/Suit, shirt [neck/sleeve], pants [waist/inseam] and shoe sizeList the types of clothing included in your wardrobe, such as business, formal, work-out, etc:If you have a car include: Make/Model/Year/Color (which is important for production requirements and for us to understand your transportation)If you are a minor, do you have a work permit?  If so, who is the employer listed on your work permit?  If not, please see Minors’ Registration Tab for instructions on obtaining a work permit.Please give us a brief description of your general availability:

5) Confirm you are available all three dates
6) Let us know if you have any Police/Military experience.
There will be a lot of opportunities to be cast on the show, if you submit incorrectly, it will be noted.