WE’RE BACK!!!!! CHICAGO PD: Season 3 So, let’s begin our: STAND-IN & PHOTO DOUBLE SEARCH! Do you, or anyone you know, look like any of our cast members?! If so, we’d like to know! Each cast member may need a Stand-in or a Photo Double at some point. To better understand what a Stand-In does visit this website: www.standincentral.com

These people HAVE TO BE of similar sizes, skin tone and hair color to our cast members. We will be holding Stand-In Interviews at the end of the upcoming week (Date/Time TBD). You will be contacted and invited to the interview if you are in consideration. —————————————————————————— PLEASE CHECK THE STATS & PHOTOS LISTED BELOW AND ONLY SUBMIT IF YOU MEET THE CRITERIA: —————————————————————————— **Please submit an email to TAILSTICKSCASTING@GMAIL.COM with the corresponding title that you are applying for in the subject line. (example: “S3 Stand-In #2”) *ATTACH RECENT, WELL-LIT PHOTOS of yourself NAME: EMAIL: PHONE: AGE: HEIGHT: WEIGHT: FEMALES: Dress/Bust/Waist/Hip/Shoe Measurements: MALES: Jacket/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe Measurements: CAR or PUBLIC TRANSIT?: —————————————————————————- Titles and Stats: “S3 Stand-In #1” Caucasian Male (50’s) 5’9″/150lbs, Suit: 38/40R, Waist/Inseam: 30×32, Shoe:10 “S3 Stand-In #2” Hispanic Male (40’s) 5’9/150lbs, Suit: 38R, Waist/Inseam: 32×30, Shoe: 11 “S3 Stand-In #3” Caucasian Male (25-35) 6’0″/170lbs, Suit: 42R, Waist/Inseam: 31×32, Shoe: 10.5 “S3 Stand-In #4” Caucasian Female (25-35) 5’5″/130lbs, Dress: Small/2-4, Shoe:8.5 “S3 Stand-In #5” Caucasian Male (25-35) 6’0″/180lbs, Suit: 42R, Waist/Inseam: 32×32, Shoe:10.5 “S3 Stand-In #6” Caucasian Male (50’s) 5’10/180lbs, Suit: 42L,Waist/Inseam: 34×32,Shoe:11 “S3 Stand-In #7” Caucasian Female (25-35) 5’7″/120lbs, Dress: Small/2-4, Shoe: 8.5 “S3 Stand-In #8” African American Male (25-35) 6’3″/250lbs, Suit: 46L, Waist/Inseam: 38×34,Shoe: 14 “S3 Stand-In #10” Caucasian Male (25-35) 5’11″/160slbs, Suit: 40, Waist/Inseam: 32×32, Shoe: 10.5

Chicago PD