Actress Naturi Naughton really loved Kyemah McEntyre “A high school senior” prom dress so much that she contacted her and asked her to design a dress for her for the 2015 Bet Awards Show red carpet.

Kyemah also sketched, designed and made her prom dress and she was crowned Prom Queen.

Meet 18-year-old student Kyemah McEntyre, from New Jersey, whose Instagram posts of her prom ensemble are taking the Internet by storm.

Kyemah McEntyre, a senior at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts, in East Orange, New Jersey.

She wore this incredible dress influenced by her African roots to prove bullies wrong for calling her “ugly when she was younger.

Here’s a picture of Kyemah in her prom dress that she made and a picture of the dress she made for Naturi for the BET Awards.

Naturi said she wanted to help a young inspiring fashion designer “She wanted to give back”  And I’m so glade she did just that…

Kyemah McEntyre said she hopes her unique prom outfit will inspire people to “be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals and values.”

Kyemah said “Don’t let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself”, she captioned one of her Instagram posts.

Kyemah And Naturi