Trivia Question: Did you know Joseph Sikora use to be a Graffiti Artist back in the day while growing up in Chicago before he became famous!! 

I asked Joseph Sikora on Twitter during Power season 1 this question @JosephSikora4 AKA Tommy of the Starz network hit show “Power” 

@latricebutts “Me” asked Joseph Sikora What is the wildest thing that you’ll like to do besides being a Graffiti Artist?

He Replied Back and Said: acting and writing keep me pretty busy these days. Gotta keep the Graf to a minimum these days-but every now n again 😉

Wow! I think Joseph Sikora the “Graffiti Artist” live up to his Tommy character on “Power” by taking risk… He so cool 🙂

Latrice Butts And Joseph Sikora Tweets