Casting for Extras in Atlanta!

Filming starts in June (thru mid August) and will film in Atlanta (in and around midtown, downtown, etc..

All talent must be local to the Atlanta area since travel expenses are not being paid. Atlanta area talent interested in applying for the roles may send the required information (see below) to  

PLEASE, take a moment to read over the types listed, and submit according to the instructions on the casting notice page… take a little time this weekend, etc.. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to your complete submission !!

We need to do several photo submissions and also once we get closer to booking the various scenes, we will begin with booking from these early submissions.

After Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court, a series of confirmation hearings took place in Washington. Those hearings took a sharp turn when a University of Oklahoma law professor by the name of Anita Hill came forward with accusations that Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her when she worked for him. Anita Hill claimed that the Supreme Court nominee began harassing her after she declined his invitations of a date. The media quickly jumped on the story and turned the allegations into a media frenzy that Thomas called the hearings, “a high-tech lynching for uppity Blacks.” The accusations were a he said / she said ordeal but at the end, Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Confirmation”  will be directed and produced by Rick Famuyiwa. Executive producers for the project include Kerry Washington, Susannah Grant, Michael London and Janice Williams.

Kerry Washington (l.) will portray  law professor Anita Hill (r.) in the HBO movie ‘Confirmation.’

New casting call in Atlanta area