“Captain America 3” Casting Calls for for paid extras / background actors in the Atlanta area.

An updated casting call has just been released for more roles / types the film’s casting directors are seeking.

Captain America 3 is seeking extras of all ages 18+. They are seeking extras of various types including upscale looks 18 to 85, African American extras, college student looks, Russian extras, southeast Asian extras up to age 90 and more. “Captain America 3” began filming in Atlanta this April. The film is also scheduled to shoot in Puerto Rico and Berlin.

Please see all the role descriptions below. Talent interested in applying for the roles must be local to the Atlanta area (no travel expenses are being paid) and send in their submissions to sputnikextras@gmail.com. Please see the updated list of roles avail;able below and apply with the appropriate subject line for the role.

Please read form below or click on this link fr a larger  http://www.tammysmithcasting.com/TSCasting/Casting_Notices.html

CURRENT TYPES NEEDED FOR “SPUTNIK” IMPORTANT NOTE: FILMING will take place in the Atlanta Metro area and the casting information below is to work as an  EXTRA as a LOCAL HIRE in all locations. You must be local to the Greater Atlanta area, or able to work as a local hire (with your own local place to stay, etc...).  ALSO, YOU MUST HAVE A SSN (Social Security Number) FOR EMPLOYMENT IN THE U.S. HOW TO SUBMIT: PHOTOS and INFO should be submitted ALL TOGETHER in ONE COMPLETE EMAIL (If you need to send a revision or if you forget something in an email, please RE-submit ALL of the info and photos together in one complete REVISED email- thank you in advance for that ;-) SUBMISSION EMAIL ADDRESS: PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: SPUTNIKEXTRAS@GMAIL.COM PHOTOS: 1. Please send 2 or 3 photos. ALL PHOTOS should be RECENT photos and CLEAR (in focus, not blurry)  2. Please take photos in front of a neutral background and in GOOD LIGHTING (avoid being backlit, etc..) Please AVOID SMILING in your photos. Serious, intense, neutral or intelligent expressions are best. Please make sure your current hair color and length is visible in at least one of the photos. 5. PLEASE SEND:  - 1 photo from the chest or shoulders up...a “face” photo, dressed in neutral, darker colors  - 1 photo from the knees up or full length, dressed in neutral, darker colors.  - a 3rd or 4th photo, if possible, of you dressed “looking the part” for what you are submitting for!  - you are welcome to send a few more photos to be sure,  but please no more than 5 or 6 total. INFO: Always include the following info in all submissions, in a LIST format in the body of your email. Please also make sure you put the correct SUBJECT, IN the subject line of your submission email, as listed under each type needed. Otherwise, your email will likely be overlooked! First and Last Name (this should be your legal name that matches your photo ID) Phone number(s) (XXX-XXX-XXXX format please) Email address (yes, please list in the body of your email) City & State (where you live/where you will be coming from!)        (NOTE: If you are farther than a few hours away from the greater Atlanta area,        please list/note/acknowledge “I HAVE A LOCAL PLACE TO STAY, ETC” ) Age Height Weight Sizes:  Men- Jacket, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam, and shoe  Women- Dress size, bust/bra/cup, pants, waist, shoe - and - Experience: IF you have a resume or acting or experience on set as an extra, please list briefly, or attach a resume, IF you have one. Experience is NOT mandatory, but it is helpful to know for certain bookings. TYPES NEEDED:  Please make sure you put the correct SUBJECT, in the subject line of your submission email, as listed under        each type needed. Otherwise, your email will likely be overlooked! The pay rate is $68 with overtime paid after 8 hrs, per day, EXCEPT for where noted    (an average film day can be 12 hrs or more).  UPSCALE MEN AND WOMEN  Ages 18 to 85, all ethnicities Men in dark suits and women in dark pants/skirt suits and/or dark conservative dresses (women) Please submit a photo IN this wardrobe (black, navy, dk grey, dk brown, etc...) IF you have it. Films in early May EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “UPSCALE”   MILITARY MEN  Ages 21 to 50, physically fit  WITH REAL experience as MILITARY or WEAPONS/TACTICAL TRAINING ** Please list your experience - military, tactical or weapon training. Films in May/June/July- various work dates **Pay rates for certain scenes will be higher rates for these men** EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “MILITARY” MILITARY OFFICERS/OFFICIALS (new) Ages 50 - 75 - distinguished men, all ethnicities  Former Military is a plus but not mandatory  Please list IF you were in the military, what branch etc... Films in May EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “MILITARY” AFRICAN** & AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN & WOMEN (revised) Ages 18 to 75  Casual looks or ETHNIC AFRICAN WARDROBE (is a plus, but not mandatory)  ** If you are an African national, please list your country of origin under your name in your submission           (Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, etc...)   Films in mid May EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “AFRICAN”   SOUTHEAST ASIAN MEN & WOMEN  (Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Filipino, East Indian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, etc...)** Ages 21 to 90  (revised)  Dark suits or dark leather coats are a plus  ** please list your Southeast Asian origin under your name in your submission Films at the end of April  EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “SOUTHEAST ASIAN ” RUSSIAN MEN (new) (or other Eastern European or Slavic types-  Polish, Czech, Serbian, etc...)  Ages 25 to 65 - tough types, character types, burly types, etc..  beards are a plus, but not mandatory Films in mid May/June EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “RUSSIAN”   COLLEGE STUDENTS & ALUMNI TYPES (revised) Ages 18 to 60 (revised) -Ivy League College appropriate attire required Films in mid May EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “COLLEGE”  ....MORE TYPES WILL BE ADDED AS NEEDED....keep an eye out for updates ;-) Please “like” the TSC page  on FACEBOOK for updates on projects and day to day postings. Please register with Tammy Smith Casting  on the talent registration page  so that your permanent file is in the database. Thank you!
 Casting call for Captain America 3 movie, Civil War