The Have’s and Have Nots seeking the following to work Tomorrow. Wednesday 4/15

Nurses: Open Ethnicity Women 25 to 35

Doctors: Open Ethnicity Men and women with Business look and business attire

Patients: Open Ethnicity Men and Women ages 20 – late 40’s

Pedestrians: Open Ethnicity Male and Female ages 20’s to 50’s

Police Officers: Open Ethnicity Men ages 25 to 30’s

Prison Guards: Open Ethnicity Men ages 25 to 30’s

Prisoners: Open Ethnicity Men ages 25 to 50’s

Bartenders: Open Ethnicity Men and women ages 25 to 30’s

Servers: Open Ethnicity Men and women ages 25 to 30’s

Upscale Restaurant Patrons: Caucasian Men and Women ages 25 to 30’s

Please submit the following.

Have you worked The Have’s and Have not’s this season (Y/N)
If Yes as what?

Do not forget your photos! I need 1 headshot and 1 Full Body Photo with only you in it, This photo must be current so if you do not look like the picture please take a new one with your cell phone. They must be in good light and Focus.

Full “LEGAL” Name ( No Nick Names or you will be sent home by security)
Phone Number
Email Address ( Double check that it is spelled correctly )
Wardrobe Sizes ( All Sizes )

Email Submissions to:
Subject: Wednesday ( Role Applying for )
If you are submitting for multiple roles please include them all in the subject line of 1 email, Example “Doctor, Police, Inmate Ect…” Emails that are duplicate submissions will be discarded.