NBC’s Chicago PD’s CHINATOWN Extras Casting Alert !!

We just got word that our BIG ACTION PACKED CHINATOWN MARKETPLACE SCENES will be filming this Wednesday, March 4th!
If you are Asian American and are available to work on the show this upcoming Wednesday please fill out this Availability Form below to indicate that you are interested in working this scene! There are additional dates filming in/around Chinatown throughout this episode [so we’ll be in contact about those days coming up], but as of right now we have WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th locked down for our big sequence!!!!
****Please note that you MUST have proper U.S. identification to work (and get paid!) on the show!****
1st OPTION: Everyone MUST bring 2 forms of valid U.S. Identification: a.) Valid Drivers’ License/or State ID,
b.) a U.S. Social Security Card/ or a valid U.S. Birth Certificate.
2nd OPTION: A valid U.S.A. Passport will suffice for both forms.
*If you do not have this identification on the day you are booked to work, you WILL BE SENT HOME!
*THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF WORK ON THOSE DAYS. Nor does this mean you have to hold your availability for US and solely us. Do not stop your lives and do not turn down other jobs based on the fact that you submitted your availability to us. If we call to book you, we always call first to reconfirm your availability on stated days. WE DO NOT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU IF YOUR AVAILABILITY CHANGES (from what you have submitted)