CAROL’S DAUGHTER HAIR CARE needs models for their upcoming shows 1/18-1/19.

Looking for:

· Female age 45+
· All ethnicities
· Gray, long hair
· Please send headshot/comp cards.
· Shows/Rate:
1/18 Before Shots TBD – rate $40
1/18 4am-7am show – rate $130
1/18 9am-11am show – rate $90
1/18 7pm-9pm show – rate $90
1/19 1am-3am show – rate $90
1/19 8am-10am show – rate $90
1/19 3pm-5pm show – rate $90

Please do not submit if you have done live shows or B/A shoots for hair care (within the past 3-months).

Submissions due Monday, January 12th.

If you’d like to be submitted, please email Chase a digital with no product in your hair and also a headshot to chase@thediamondagency.com !!! Once you have submitted as described, should there be any problem with your submission, you will be contacted further.

**IMPORTANT REMINDER: Models are not permitted to bring Children or any additional people with them to the casting or on property. If anyone needs to drop models off, they will have to wait for them in the car across the street off campus**.