Here’s a jump start for us to gear-up for filming next week:

EPISODE 214 – General Background Availability Form is attached below!
Ep. 214 will film for 9 days: Jan. 5th – Jan. 15th [M-F]
*THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF WORK ON THOSE DAYS. Nor does this mean you have to hold your availability for US and solely us. Do not stop your lives and do not turn down other jobs based on the fact that you submitted your availability to us. If we call to book you, we always call first to reconfirm your availability on stated days. WE DO NOT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU IF YOUR AVAILABILITY CHANGES (from what you have submitted)!!!!!!

[This Availability Form is for General & Featured Background Talent ONLY! If you are a Real Police Officer, active/retired and in good standing, (and are NOT already on our list) please contact us at with “POLICE ROSTER” in the Subject Line. Please include your current status with the CPD, District and job assignment. We will then forward you an email with our special POLICE AVAILABILITY FORM].

*** Chicago PD: Season 2 – GENERAL BACKGROUND AVAILABILITY FORM – EP. 214: January 5th – January 15th ***