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TNT shocked diehard Dallas fans this month when they announced after the Season 3 finale of the TV drama that the series was cancelled. Since the cancellation, fans and members of the cast of the reboot have taken to the internet to try to and save the popular series. Fans have formed Facebook groups to support the show, signed dozens of petitions protesting the cancellation, and have even started letter writing campaigns to the production company pleading with them to find another network to air Dallas on.

GLOBE magazine has joined fans in the campaign to save Dallas, and the November 3rd issue features a few words from Dallas star Audrey Landers. The actress, known to fans as Afton Cooper, is encouraging fans to fight the cancellation with her. Landers told GLOBE, “We want the fans who have loyal through the incarnations of the show to continue their support. To help save the show we need to reach out to the original fans and get them behind the new series. I hope the producers and networks will listen to the fans who have been supportive in trying to bring Dallas back.”

Landers is not the only cast member to step up to bat for the series. Patrick Duffy also took to social media to encourage fans to protest the cancellation. The odds of TNT changing their mind and cancelling the cancellation are slim to none, however if enough fans rally behind the primetime drama there is a good chance another channel will pick up the series, or even an internet based company like Netflix (who has revived more than one TV cast-off over the last few

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In the November 24th edition of GLOBE Magazine there is a “Save Dallas Campaign” coupon, which readers can cut out of the magazine and fill out and mail back to Globe. On December 10th our friends at GLOBE are going to compile all of the signed coupons they received from Dallas fans and deliver them to TNT’s Senior Vice President for Programming Sam Linsky.

How great would it be if there were thousands, maybe even millions of signed “Save Dallas” cards dumped right on the desk of the Sr. VP at TNT? If you haven’t picked up this week’s edition of GLOBE Magazine so you can fill out the card and send it to TNT, then you want to make sure you do ASAP!

So, Dallas fans, have you joined the online campaign to save the popular TV show? Do you think the efforts are futile, or is there a chance another network will pick up the series?

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