“The Choice” movie We are in the process of finalizing the amount of background actors needed for this project. We will start filming on October 13th in the Wilmington, N.C. area. Please stay tuned to your emails as invitations for bookings, will start going out next week if your already registered with us. If not please register ASAP!

Our director is looking at selections in our database this week. Make sure you have a photo attached to your http://www.makescenes.com account, in order to be considered. Please only accept an invitation to work on our film if you can 100% commit to the day that we ask you to work. Always plan on approximately 12 hours of filming when on set. If you commit to work with us, and then cancel, or show up late, you will be replaced for that scene, and removed from our database.

We’ll only need a total of about 600 extras in this film. When compared to the 8000 extras needed in the last one, thats just a small fraction of available jobs for background actors. Make sure that you are dependable so that we can keep you working on future projects as well.