Wilmington, NC- Listed below are some of our needs for Secrets and Lies for Tuesday July 29th. We ask those who apply to be available ALL DAY for what could be a 12+hr day and could start as early as 530 AM. Pay is a guaranteed $64 total for up to 8 hr and time and a half after 8. If interested please email recent photo, contact information, and location to SUBJECT: LIST ROLE YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 10 AM MONDAY JULY 28. (PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE ALREADY SCHEDULED TO WORK ON SLEEPY HOLLOW ON THE 29TH)

BICYCLIST-Men and Women all ethnicity’s 18+up who own and can bring a bicycle and helmet to ride on a bike trail. We will add a $10 bump for bringing bike.

DRIVER’S W/CAR– Men and Women all ethnicity’s 18+up who have a car that can be driven in scene that is NOT WHITE OR RED. We will add a car $ bump for using car. $10 if parked and $25 if driven in scene. Please include make, model, year and color of car in your email.

LAWYER– Distinguished Men all ethnicity’s 35-65 yrs old who have a variety of business suits.