Location: New York, NY for a TV Commercial:

** Please submit to: alice@thepublicrecord.tv by 2014-04-23 **

Public Record is looking for pairs of people — siblings, father and son, business partners, neighbors, or best friends — who can sit down with a professional to talk about the strengths of their relationships on camera.

Pairs must have a strong bond and be willing to share their experiences together over the years. We will be discussing why you are so important to each other — what makes your relationship unique/special/important.

We are looking for a diverse group of authentic, real people, between the ages of 18-75 to appear in a campaign that will be filmed in the NYC area.

Both people must be present for the casting audition.

Thursday, April 24th & Friday, April 25th

Shoot Date:
Wednesday, May 14th

$400 per person if cast for the shoot
$500 per person if used on the final film

If you are interested in auditioning, please send an email to info@thepublicrecord.tv with answers to the following questions by Wednesday, April 23rd at the latest.

– What are your names?
– Contact info for both of you.
– What is your relationship to one another?
– What are your ages?
– How long have you known each other?
– Describe how you met.
– What is your relationship like? Be as descriptive as you can – we’re looking to get to know you!
– Describe the activities you do together.

All submissions must include a recent photo of both people, preferably of you two together. Do not send professionally-taken head shots.